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Alysia's Story 

On June 9,2018 20-year-old Alysia Littlejohn went to spend a day of fun at a local Florida spring with 10 of her friends. This particular day 3 car loads went down while only 2 car loads made it back home safe. On the late sunny afternoon of June 9th, 2018, the car that Alysia was front passenger in wrecked as the car drove through a county intersection at speeds reaching over 72 mph while getting T-boned by an oncoming suv with speeds over 50 mph. Both vehicles were going over the posted speed limits creating a perfect storm for tragedy to strike.  After impacting with the Suv the car spun counterclockwise before hitting a stop sign, then flipping front to back multiple times into a country field as it reached its final resting place positioned on its roof.  Alysias body was thrown from the front to the back, leaving her to be the only passenger stuck and crushed inside the vehicle. Alysia suffered countless external and internal injuries which led to her being pronounced deceased on scene.  Out of 5 total in the car only 1 survived (the driver). Alysia was also under the influence of alcohol that day which impaired her judgment to wear a seatbelt, and impaired her judgment to refrain from getting into the car with someone who had clearly been drinking that day. A day of fun turned into not only our family but four other families' lives to be forever changed that day. 


Alysia was one of the brightest, sweetest, silliest, animal loving, giggly, stunningly beautiful inside and out young lady who was just starting her adult life. Her eyes were hypnotizing, her laughter and smile infectious beyond describing. She loved everyone openly and freely. Alysia was an animal lover, an animal rescuer, and loved the beach and sea life. She absolutely loved and adored sea turtles, but to say she had a favorite would be impossible, to put it simply, she loved life and all that was living.  

Alysia was a 2017 graduate from Mandarin High School, a former three-time state three- time regional and one-time national pop warner cheer competitor and loved her position as a flyer.  She was accepted to the FSCJ Dental assistant program just 2 weeks after her death. Her future was taken, her life was taken In a blink of an eye, she was gone. All due to poor choices of all involved.  Our nonprofit foundation is passionate about spreading awareness to save as many lives as we can by continuous educating and advocacy.

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