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In The Blink of An Eye 



The Alysia Littlejohn Foundation 

501(c)(3) Non-Profit Foundation


In The Blink Of An Eye is a newly established nonprofit foundation created by Ms. Elly, Alysia's mom, and her family in 2022, to honor Alysia's name, with a mission to spread awareness within the community about the consequences of making the choice to ride with a driver under the influence, RWDUI. Our RWDUI initiative is one of a kind and will place awareness on a much-needed cause, in addition to DUI and not wearing a seat belt. 

What makes our foundation unique is our creation of RWDUI initiative. We need your help in making this a movement!



  • Spread awareness within the community about the consequences of making the choice to ride with a driver under the influence, RWDUI.

  • SELF CARE SURVIVAL FUND with donations received we also aim to assist families with financial support during the time of crisis.

  • It wouldn't be right not to have an objective geared towards something Alysia was so passionate about. Sea Turtle conservation.  We will use our platform to assist within the community alongside other organizations to help keep our beaches clean and save turtles.




Foundation Motto 

Let us put this in perspective! Below are some statistics specifically in 2018, which Alysia is unfortunately included in...

Drunk Driving:

  • According to NHTSA, 10,511 people died in alcohol-related accidents in 2018.

  • Almost 2,000 college students between the ages of 18-24 die each year from unintentional alcohol-related injuries, including motor vehicle crashes.

  •  50% of teens ages 21 or younger who died in car accidents were passengers, not motorist.

Speeding/Reckless Driving:

  • Speeding is at the top of the list of related factors for drivers involved in fatal crashes.

  • In 2018 there were 9,378 fatalities in crashes where at least one driver was speeding (the crash Alysia was killed in, both cars involved where speeding.)

Seatbelt Safety:

  • According to Traffic Safety Facts, 22,700 drivers and passengers were killed in car accidents in 2018, 43% were unrestrained.

  • The simple act of buckling up can prevent nearly 50% of all automobile deaths.

  • DID YOU KNOW there is limited to zero statistics that break down the number of passenger related fatalities caused by riding with a driver under the influence! We will be working to change this!!!!

It all sums up to CHOICES. It's your choice if you ride with a driver under the influence.

If you know of any parent that is currently in financial crisis and in need of financial assistance for self care items due to the impacts of RWDUI please emailsponsorship  

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