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2023 Xmas Lunch Drop Off 


2022 Xmas Lunch Drop Off. 



Our first Xmas lunch drop off was a success. We were able to donate 50 lunch boxes and waters to our homeless community. 

We are passionate about giving back and being not only an advocate to save lives, but to also help brighten the lives of the less fortunate. 

2022 Madd Walk Event 

Supporting our MADD community 


This year The Alysia Littlejohn Foundation participated in the 2022 MADD walk event. The Mothers Against Drunk Driving organization is one of the biggest organizations who help advocate against DUI as well as help victims with through victim's advocacy services. It was important to show our support for this amazing organization while honoring Alyisa and all of our lost angels who have lost their lives to DUI. Team Alyisa Littlejohn was able to fundraise $700+ to the organization and awarded the biggest team award for the 2022 event. Thank you for all who participated and to help spread awareness against DUI.

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